Book Blitz: Bad Boss

Bad Boss
by Clarissa Wild
Publication date: July 19th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


What do men want more than anything? Money and women.
As the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the city, I am one lucky man.
Everyone wants a taste of what I’ve got to offer, and it’s massive. Girls fight over me in droves.
In my fantasy, of course. I had to make some sacrifices to get to the top.
To protect myself and the company, I always have to hide my dirty little secret…
I’m a panty sniffer.
What? A man has needs. Mine are just a bit more… outrageous. Instead of dating, I hoard panties.
Except it’s about to blow up in my face.
Because a beautiful girl just showed up for a job interview … the same girl I just bought a pair of panties from anonymously…
And what do I do?
I let my junk do the thinking, and hire her as my intern.

Author’s note: Don’t take it too hard, it’s just a book, not a big D. But this guy does have one. I’m not kidding. His schlong is huge and his ego is too, so beware. And as always … if you don’t like slapstick jokes and corny romance, don’t bother to read.


Male beauty concept. Portrait of fashionable young man with stylish haircut wearing jeans and jacket posing over black background. Studio shot



“I don’t want this to be a one-night thing only,” he says, his lips so close I can feel his breath on my skin.
I suck in some oxygen. “It can’t be anything more than that.”
“Give me one good reason,” he murmurs.
“I … we’re … you’re my boss.” I’m struggling to find the words.
“So?” Goddamn that sexy smug face of his.
“People will talk,” I say.
“So what? Let them.”
“You don’t understand. Maybe you can do whatever you want, but I can’t. People look up to you. They do what you say. But me … I’m just an intern.”
“You’re so much more than that to me,” he says. “And not just in an ‘I wanna fuck your brains out’ way.”
I can’t stop the smile from spreading across my lips, but I shake my head to make it go away. “No, I mean, they won’t see me as one of them anymore. They’ll think I got this job and everything else because we’re hooking up.”
“I’ll make them see differently.”
“It’s not …”
I sigh. I can’t explain this. How do you tell a man you don’t trust anyone? You don’t. Because it hurts them. And believe it or not, I don’t want to see him hurt.
“I like you,” TJ says, and he tips up my chin to make me look at him. “And I want to see where this could go.”
“I’m not a closet fuck,” I whisper as he leans in closer and closer.
He laughs. “No … you’re a bed fuck. And a desk fuck. And a bathroom fuck. And pretty much everywhere else I can think of.”





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