Book Review: Rule Changer

Rule Changer

Rules of Engagement #3
by Sienna Snow
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Rule Changer Teaser 2


Rules are meant to be broken.

Carmen Dane was a self-assured Domme who always maintained control . . . until she submitted to sinfully sexy Master Thomas Regala. She gave him her trust and vulnerability, and he betrayed her. She’s avoided him for months, but now he knows the truth and refuses to let her hide. Her all-consuming hunger for Thomas has only grown stronger during their time apart. But Carmen will never submit to him-or anyone-ever again.

Thomas isn’t about to give up that easily. Carmen is his Mistress and his submissive. He’ll do almost anything for a second chance-even if it means giving up some of his power for her pleasure. Now they’ve embarked on a game of desire and dark, greedy need that breaks both their rules. But can Thomas ever wholly submit to Carmen when he wants to claim her as his own?

RC Teaser 2


Rule Changer…. What a perfect title for this book. It was truly a Rule Changer.

This book is about a domme and a dominant that are in love or may I say in lust with each other.

Carmen fell for Thomas but like any relationship there came some stumbling blocks. After the devastating betrayal by Thomas, Carmen decided to leave the country with a big secret.

Carmen returned to the states, content with continuing to keep the secret from Thomas. Thomas discovers the secret and vowed to get Carmen back.

Whenever someone has been hurt and has lost the trust in that person; it takes a lot to ever trust that person again. Sometimes it can be harder to forgive the person you truly loved. I could connect a little with Carmen with the struggle she faced when trying to trust Thomas again. It is truly a hard thing to do, once someone has broken you it is really, really, hard to forgive, and move on with that person.

There is a lot of angst in this book with Christof the Russian that seems to be out to hurt everyone she knows and loves.

There were certain things that I found unbelievable in the story. There were times I stopped reading and said to myself,  WHAT???!!! I just couldn’t believe it.

Otherwise, this book was an easy read, the sex scenes were good.

Rate: 3 

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