Book Review: Unbroken by Emerson Rose

Happy New Year!!!!

Let’s start the year off with a book review. I read the synopsis of this book and was interested but……


When the powerful and wealthy, Marcus Castillo, ends up comatose in a hospital bed, death seems inevitable. But for the rugged, alpha billionaire, whispers from the shadows begin to penetrate the darkness, giving him a sense of light–a sense of hope.
All ICU nurse Imani Jefferson wants is to help her patient regain himself, despite the rumors of his controlling and cold reputation. When Marcus finally awakens, he’s more than Imani ever realized.

More intense,
More powerful,
More complicated,
More intelligent,
More successful.

And most importantly, more dominant.
He has the power and the will to make her dreams come true and destroy her in a second.

Apart they are damaged goods. Together they are Unbroken.


My Thoughts:

The story started off  intriguing but after the repetitions I became bored. The heroine became annoying. Marcus became annoying. Simply I was annoyed.

I don’t understand why the book is so long and drawn out.  Imani was so easily convinced to do whatever Marcus wanted even though she claimed to be such a strong woman.

There are just some aspects of the book which are just unbelievable. The more I think about there are a lot of aspects of the book that is just unbelievable. I know it is all make believe sometimes but can you please MAKE ME BELIEVE IT.

I couldn’t  read it all. I started skipping and then I couldn’t do that either. I stopped reading just couldn’t get to finish.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️

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