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Today we have the blog tour for FINDING A HUSBAND by Kristen Casey! Check out the tour and grab your copy today!


Author: Kristen Casey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Finding a Husband:

Molly O’Connell does not need a man. Boston is filled with men, few of them reliable. What she does need is a job, and she knows exactly which one she wants-there’s a law firm hiring down in Wilmington, North Carolina, and it’s an ideal opportunity. Warm weather, pristine beaches, a reliable paycheck…how could she go wrong? Heck, her brother-in-law has even hooked her up with a tour guide. It’s perfect.

Jake Alexander knows Molly is off-limits. Man, does he ever know. But when he agreed to show her around town as a favor to a friend, he never expected her to be quite so incredible. Gorgeous. Unforgettable. And his total inability to think of anything but her is going to be trouble with a capital T. Molly, bless her heart, is interviewing with his dad’s law firm-and if his guess is right, she’s a shoo-in. And Jake…well, he’s sort of engaged. God help him, he probably should have mentioned that right from the beginning.

Why does Molly have to fall for the one man in creation she shouldn’t want? And can she make a life for herself in this new place without him? Wait and see.

Book Three in the Second Chances series. This book contains no cliff hangers, no cheating, and one guaranteed happily-ever-after!

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He didn’t hear her coming, and somehow—despite sitting there like it was his own execution—Jake wasn’t prepared. When Molly stepped up next to her chair and cleared her throat, he jumped to his feet and stared. Shit. The woman was all long limbs and a flat expanse of incredibly bare stomach. Quickly, his eyes noted much lusher curves in between those things. Hips. Breasts. Panicking, Jake forced his eyes away, but like a magnet Molly’s gloriously half-nude form drew them right back again.

She didn’t see; she was too busy staring at his chest and wetting her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. Jake looked down, confused, and realized—Molly hadn’t seen him with his shirt off, either. Once again, they were even. He chuckled, and her eyes flicked up to catch his.

Just like that, Molly’s expression shuttered and she hunched her shoulders, slinking into her chair as modestly as she possibly could. Jake stood there feeling like a prize ass, while he realized—getting ogled was exactly what she was used to. Being treated like an object, like something to be acquired regardless of her feelings on the topic, was something Molly probably dealt with every day of her adult life. She folded her arms across her stomach and peeked at him, her face begging him not to be weird.

Jake sank into his chair and darted a look or two her way. He had a sister, and a few girl cousins around his own age. He knew Molly was likely expecting some skeevy comment, maybe a flirting come-on from him. And he also knew only one way to fix this.

So, Jake whistled, long and low. “Daaaaaamn,” he began, praying it would work.

Molly hugged herself tighter, and looked a little betrayed.

Jake continued, “Have you been living in a meat locker for the last three years? Good Lord, girl, you’re as pale as something Duke pulled out from under a log.”

As he’d hoped, he shocked her. “I—what?” Molly protested, affronted.

“I mean, seriously,” Jake laughed. “Do you all even have a sun up there in Boston? Self-tanners? Anything?”

Molly sat there, gaping at him like a fish for a full minute. And then, miraculously, she laughed. Throwing back her head, she barked out the most surprised, infectious guffaw he’d ever heard, and as hard as he laughed in return, Jake didn’t dare close his eyes for fear of missing a single second of it. When she finally petered out, Molly slouched down in her chair, grinning from ear to ear at the waves, all signs of tension gone.


About Kristen Casey:

Kristen Casey writes heartfelt contemporary romances with plenty of heat, relatable characters, and witty dialogue. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, and assorted cats, and in her free time enjoys all things crafty-especially projects she discovers on Pinterest.
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