#Bookreview: The Swede by Maureen Smith #addicting #mustread ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ❤️❤️💖

The Swede

By Maureen Smith

Publication: November 25, 2017

Genres: Multicultural, Interracial, Sports


Scarlett Warner has three passions: singing, drumming, and hockey. She’s already living her dream as frontwoman of an indie rock band. And then she meets NHL superstar Viggo Sandström, her favorite player and secret fantasy.

She wanted him from the very first moment she saw him. How could she not?

He’s six feet five inches of Scandinavian scrumptiousness, all rock-hard muscles and searing intensity. He’s a scoring machine on the ice, driven to win at all costs. Nicknamed “The Sandstorm,” he crashes his way into her heart, demolishing her defenses. Every look, every smile, every touch sets her heart pounding like a kick drum. He makes her body sing, and she can’t get enough.

He’s got a few demons to work through, but so does she. Does that make them the perfect match? Or will they end up derailing each other’s dreams?

All Scarlett knows is that she needs him like nothing she’s ever needed before. It should send her running in the other direction.

But there’s no running from The Swede….


My Thoughts

The Swede is the second book in the series of A Denver Rebels Novel by Maureen Smith. I enjoyed the first book in the series Wicked Games.  I was captivated from the beginning.

It gave me a little bit of everything; romance, sex, intrigue, drama.  Viggo (the Swede) the hot hockey player and Scarlett the want to be Rock Star.

I love Scarlett she is sexy, smart, and witty. She takes no crap from anyone. Kind of remind me of myself (SCARLETT).

FINE, SEXY, SMART, ROMANTIC, CARING, FAMILY MAN… those are the words I use to describe Viggo Standstrom. The scoring machine for the Denver Rebels.

Although this book had a whole lot of sex, you can also see how the connection between Scarlett and Viggo. Scarlett has always been in love with Viggo, but due to past relationships she did not want to wear her heart on her sleeves. She refused to give it all to Viggo.

“Jag alskar dig sa mycket”

The book is a bit long but I never got bored. The pages just kept turning and turning, wishing that it really wouldn’t come to an end. It did end and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series just to get a glimpse of Scarlett and Viggo.

My ratings:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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