What are you Reading? @authorkalinde @skye_warren 😊 πŸ“š

Hi all. Happy Sunday. I got up and worked out early this morning at Orange Theory, I feel that has completed all my activities for the day. I can now just spend the rest of day relaxing outside and reading.

This week I am reading a couple more arc’s that I have received. I haven’t requested any books from NetGalley recently, I may see what I am able to get during this week.

I have started reading Escort by Skye Warren this book will be published on March 20. I am enjoying it so far. Β I also received the Ascension Series by K.A. Linde; I have reading the first book of the series The Affiliate and I have mixed emotions. I am loving it but I am not disliking it either. It’s ok so far. Let’s see what my review says for this series.

What are you reading?

TheAscensionSeries banner1EscortCurrently-Reading

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