Sunday Funday: Another One by Aleatha Romig #bookreview #arc

Happy Sunday:

It’s been raining for the past two days here in South Florida. Needless to stay, I have been taking advantage of the weather and doing the only thing worth doing when the weather is like this. Reading...

My nine year old found a book series that she has been enjoying, so we spend time reading together on the couch.

I received the arc for Another One by Aleatha Romig and InkslingerPR. Here are MY THOUGHTS.  It is really really quick one.




Another One….

After the first chapter I found myself skipping through this one. Which is bad for me, really bad to be disinterested after the first chapter. Once I reached 35% of the book I was over it. I had already skipped through too much.

The storyline was not that captivating for me.  I couldn’t connect with the story at all. I tried… I did but I could not finish. I felt kind of obligated to finish reading it since I requested the arc, but I could’t force myself to do it.

I think it’s unfair to rate a book if you don’t finish reading it, so I am not going to rate this one.

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  1. carhicks says:

    I agree, I don’t rate books I don’t finish. I think saying it was a DNF is enough. Better luck with your next read.

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