#Bookreview :THE GOOD MISTRESS II: The Wedding: A BWWM Billionaire Romance by Amarie Avant @amarieavant #bwwm #romance #contemporary

I normally like books by Amarie Avant. Check out my thoughts on this book. 


What would you do if you found your happily ever after, but the world was hellbent on keeping you from it?

Somalian native, Mila Ali, endured two broken engagements. She never seemed to be destined for true love until billionaire Blake Baldwin came storming into her life.
With a trail of heartache in the past, a dead fiancé and family drama to last a lifetime, she’s at a crossroads when it comes to saying “I Do.”
Now, Mila has become everything to Blake.
His queen. His world.
Blake is determined to make her his wife and wipe away all the pain of her past. Even if that means he has to bribe, lie or kill.
He will give her a happily ever after at any costs.

If you haven’t meet the hot alpha, Blake Baldwin, or you need a reminder of Blake’s unconditional love for the woman who holds his heart, mind, and soul, then you’re in luck. This book also includes The Good Mistress Book 1. So, read it for the first time, second or maybe even third, before diving into The Wedding.






I was so excited when I saw this book. I had to read it immediately. I enjoyed the first book and Mila and Blake’s story.

I started reading and stopped; wondering why I was reading the first book again. This is where the disappointment begins. I started skipping through the book trying to find the second book.  Frustration starts to set in. The first half of the book is the first book. Total waste to retell the story.

I don’t want to read the story again, the second book should be a different story.

The second half of the book is about Blake trying to convince Mila to get married, and the hangups Mila has with marriage. Don’t forget her crazy sister. The storyline became too much and instead of it being an enjoyable read it became boring. The agnst was just repetitive.

I did try to read the second half of the book until the end but I ended at 90%. I couldn’t do it anymore. I like Amarie’s books but this was a waste of my time.

Normally I don’t like rating books that I didn’t fully finish, but I am going to rate this one.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️




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