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Hello All…

I think I started off well with two Friday reviews and then I disappeared from posting. I can actually be honest and say that I have been kind of in a reading funk lately. I have been going through my Kindle and rereading some of my favs to get me back in the mood.

At times I wonder what was the purpose of starting my blog, I feel as if I am failing at it. I don’t post as much reviews or interviews which I loved doing anymore. Other-times, I remind myself that I started my blog to talk about books; what I loved about a story or not and share that idea with a community.

I find that I hardly post on Instagram or Goodreads anymore, it seems like so much work at times. Do you ever feel that way?

Now we all have to worry about Coronavirus and having our kids home from school. Hope everyone out there is doing good and you were able to get some groceries and supplies.

Anywho I started reading Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden-Mills and I am enjoying the dynamic and electric connection between Knox and Ava. More thoughts to come on my Friday review.

What have you been reading lately that you truly enjoy?

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