#currentlyreading What R U Reading? Pride and Persuasion by Wrenn Montgomery

Hey All:

How are you guys doing? I am going stir crazy with the kids, lots of school work. At the end of the night I am drained. My only alone time is 10:00 pm when everyone is asleep. That’s my time to take an hour or so to read and just relax.

I just finished reading Pride and Persuasion, I will let you know my thoughts on this tomorrow.

I am trying to figure out what to read next. I haven’t read a paranormal sci-fi or dystopian books in a while. Since I am mentioning dystopian books have any of you read THE GRACE YEAR by @Kim_liggett? I loved, loved this book. The only word I would give it is SUPERB!!!

Any suggestions on any paranormal, sci-fi or dystopian books??

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