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Hello All:

Today I get to share with you my recent interview with author A.M. Gregory about her latest novel Virginia Street (Pets On the Pier #1, which is available now.


Gwen short has dedicated her life to saving animals. As a child she would sneak strays into her room, wishing nothing but to give them a second chance at life. 

Now, at 36 years old she has accomplished an unbelievable milestone, opening a rescue/shop in the infamous Pike Street Public Market in Seattle Washington. With her best friend Britta who has also committed her life to the amazing cause, coming to Gwen fresh from a trip to Mexico attempting to transfer multiple dogs in need.

Nothing stops them from their mission, as they face apartment fires, dog fight clubs, and even a daring rescue on the roof of the tallest building in the city. 

But when Gwen accidentally runs into her ex-boyfriend at the dog park, she finds herself a sleepless night resulting in her newest rescue disappearing, her shop smashed to bits, and her confidence shattered. 

As she digs to discover the answers, and her missing dog, she realizes that a potential adopter could be behind the devastation. 

(This will be the first book in a duet. 257 pages in print. Available free on Kindle unlimited, ebook and paperback versions) .

5 Questions with Author A.M. Gregory

Ashley thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.

S: Ashley, what do you hope readers take away from your new book Virigina Street?

A: I am hoping readers will have a deeper consideration when it comes to rescuing and or adopting animals in need. I hope they will look at the struggles animals face and realize they deserve a chance just like humans do. More so sometimes. That putting in time and effort to make a difference in an animal’s life will always be worth it. Animal abuse is such a common thing not only in the United States, but the world and it needs to come to an end. 

S: If you had to describe your character Gwen in three words what would they be?

A: Gwen in three words: Dedicated, Advocate, Warm.

S: What was the highlight of writing this book?

A: he highlight for me writing this was to make one of my own dreams come to life. I wish I could save them all, and help them find homes and a bright future. This book allowed me to possibly inspire someone who has the means to do so. 

S: This is book 7 for you. How has your writing process changed?

A: My writing process has developed immensely just in the last few months. I wrote my first book with no plan or plot in place, as my series developed, I found a method of overcoming my writers block. I also was able to dive deeper into my characters shoes and personalities. I now am able to envision the entire book on paper, and translate that vision into a touching heartfelt story.

S: What book is currently by your bedside table?

A: On my nightstand is ‘A thousand pieces of you’ written by Claudia Gray.

About A.M. Gregory

I write under the pen name,  A.M. Gregory, which is my maiden name. I was born and raised in Oregon, my family having a home in the little town of Creswell. I am married, have two children, two dogs, and two cats. We have rescued 3/4 of our furry family members. 

Being a bookworm most of my life, it has been a dream of mine to contribute to the world of literature. Here I am, at 30 years old, and I’ve finally succeeded. This latest novel is number 7 this year, and the beginning of my second series. My first series is titled ‘Our own little world’.

I am obsessed with writing, reading, photography, watching re-runs of my favorite shows from the 90’s over and over and over again.

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